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Project Support for Property Owners

Build with certainty. Access expert help when you need it.

As a Property Owner, there are a range of benefits when you use Build Trust, at each stage of your project...

Scope / Briefing

Property Owners can...

  • Define a scope for the works which you want to have completed. This can be for a full new build of a house, a renovation to a kitchen or bathroom, an additional room, garage, carport, or even a new fence

  • Invite collaborators, such as designers, contractors, or other consultants to input into a live document such as plans or a contract, which can be agreed online

Build Trust supports your scoping / briefing by...

  • Providing access to our templated solutions

  • Being available for one-on-one virtual meetings (phone / Zoom) to act as a sounding board, trouble-shoot and provide tailored advice
  • Offering access to specific, tailored advice as you need it


Property Owners can...

  • Get an overview of options and solutions that meet your needs

  • Review requirements of contractors and consultants you want to use
  • Have the ability to discuss options with the Build Trust team
  • Let us negotiate or finalise detail on your behalf

Build Trust supports your procurement by...

  • Coordinating as requested to assure that the contract / agreement covers all bases

  • Helping you manage risk and interfacing for all parties in a transparent manner
  • Providing cost management / budget advice - prior to confirming agreements

Delivery / Construction

Property Owners can...

  • Use templated documents for change control, budget reporting, programme changes and general project communication

  • Track deliverables and ask for updates from consultants and contractors

Build Trust supports your construction by...

  • Being available on-call as required for specific project advice - change management, price fluctuations, issues management or being an interface between parties

  • Tracking project detail via tools and templates

Operational Readiness / Handover

Property Owners can...

  • Utilise the templated checklist for handover of the project - see what needs to be completed, and by who, by when

  • Final invoicing and payments

Build Trust supports your operational readiness / handover by...

  • Providing support to wrap up your project

  • Giving assistance to finalise payments
  • Helping finalise deliverables or any contractual items

How to Sign Up

  1. Fill out our 'GET STARTED' form online 
  2. We'll contact you about onboarding and signing you up as a 'Key Account' with Build Trust 
  3. You'll get access to the Build Trust digital portal 
  4. Then you can invite your builders / contractors / consultants to join your Key Account as 'Collaborators' 

How We Help Property Owners

Manage your Paper Trail

Manage your paper trail using our digital tools 

Get Reminders

Be reminded by your contractor when key decisions and milestones require your input 

Automate Records

Automate your contractor's access to key documents and templates 

Keep Track

Keep a transparent record of the construction budget 

Keep in Touch

Communicate regularly and clearly with your contractor through our easy-to-use client portal 

Access Advice

Access specialist project delivery advice from our consulting team, as and when you need it 

Manage Funds

Hold your project funds securely with our Build Trust ' fund holder' service 

Manage Risk

Manage your risk using a templated, proven system

Conclude your project, happy

Avoid surprises, budget blowouts and timeline overruns with our proven system

Take a new approach to project delivery


"Build Trust were involved as the procurement lead for our major development at Auckland Airport. This involved negotiations with both local and international suppliers. Build Trust created a bespoke procurement framework and integrated end-solution, giving us the best possible outcome. They had international expertise and knowledge, combined with local delivery partners. All parties involved, including us as the client, could not have asked for a better result."

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