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Scale up or down depending on the complexity and stage of your project

Most project managers cost a fortune, and add some value, but it's not typically representative or reflective of their fee. Build Trust Pricing for our subscription services are based on an ‘as you need’ basis, and facilitate easy and essential communication between parties. Read on about Build Trust pricing below...

We offer 2 types of accounts...

We offer a flexible system that you can scale up or down as your requirements and project stages change.

Whether you're the property owner, builder, contractor or consultant, you can sign up as a 'Key Account' and invite other parties to 'Collaborate' on your project. Check out the full range of Build Trust pricing options below.

1. Key Accounts

As the Key Account you invite the collaborators to your project. Then you can scale the number of collaborators up or down depending on the stage and progress of your project.

2. Collaborators

As a collaborator, you are invited to collaborate by your key account holder and can use Build Trust services under that specific project.   

Scenario 1 Example

Scenario 2 Example

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